New filings

UVa has filed it’s response to Cuccinelli, but it’s likely irrelevant for the time being.  Whaaaaa?

That’s because UVa also filed a motion to stay all proceedings regarding the most recent CID.  And I’m almost certain they will get it.

When Cuccinelli failed in his previous attempt to get the CID, he stated that he would both file a new CID and appeal the original decision.  The new CID has been filed, and Cuccinelli has begun procedures to begin the appeal process on the original CID.  Hopefully, you should be asking the question, aren’t these two actions redundant?  The answer is clearly yes, and furthermore, that the outcome of one hinges on the outcome of the other.

So what UVa has done is submit a motion to put the new CID on hold until the appeal process on the first CID is complete.  I can’t think of a rational reason for a judge to reject the stay, unless the appeal process on the first CID is too tentative to stay the new CID.  I strongly suspect a judge will rule in UVa’s favor on this motion, so we will have to wait a while for the appeal process to finish before anything new comes from the on the new CID front…..

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